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Yellow Pages invoice scams
Yellow pages scams

Have you or your business received an "invoice" for some amount of money from the yellow pages? It's an old but lucrative scamming practice; designed to look like a notice or invoice for advertising done through your Yellow Pages publisher, scammers will send intimidating solicitations demanding payments for listings in business directories.

To make the notices look authentic they'll include the "walking fingers" logo and "yellow pages" since neither is a registered trademark. With that in mind, do NOT pay any attention to these notices, even if more appear with more urgent language and outrageous costs. Always contact your advertising or marketing agency, a co-worker or your Yellow Pages publisher to verify the validity of a suspicious-looking invoice before paying for it.

If you've been the recipient of one of these bogus bills, be sure to contact the Better Business Bureau to report the business that distributed the letter, file a complaint to the FTC, and submit a Mail Fraud Complaint Form to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

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